Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Medieval Horns

 We have been accepted into the Norman Medieval Fair at the end of March. It is a great event and I am very excited to be participating in the Fair. We are planning on setting up the little mobile glass studio and will be doing demonstrations.

I have been working on the traditional drinking horn. Glass horns of this nature can be found dating back to the 5th Century. They are fun to make and are coming along nicely. I am not sure how many I should make for the show. I have a feeling they will sell pretty quickly.

Typically it is a three gather piece. I like to marver and blow and then heat for the jack line. Blow a bit more and cut in a little nubbin on the end. Blow a bit. Heat and swing to get a nice taper on the piece. Heat and pull just  a bit and curve the end of the horn upward.
Add a small transfer bit near the bottom of the horn. Make sure it is in line with the opening to keep it fairly centered.
Add a bit near the top of the piece and turn it over for a loop. Add decorative bits to the horn as inspired.

I am trying to work with Drew to make some leather straps to hold the horns and with Dave the Welder to make stands and hooks.
Silver Brown Horn

Horn with silver brown wraps

Horn with full fold over on the tip
Side view

with added decorative prunt in a honeycomb pattern
Instagram Photo (www.instagram.com/aboatman

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mobile Furnace

We got a new 50# furnace. It is a small mobile glass furnace and glory hole all in one. It is a great design. We fired it up today and it heats well. Sunday we should be blowing out of it for the Ice Cream Social. Very excited by the possibilities. We can take it to art festivals, events, parties, and do live demonstrations.

 Heating Up
 Roy is there for Scale
 The heat train and fan
 Pipe yolk

Ice Cream Social

Several years ago I wanted to try Graeter's ice cream. It was going to cost a lot for shipping so might as well order a bunch to try it all and share. So the Ice Cream Social was born.

Every year around this time. Ray and I buy a bunch of ice cream and invite everybody over to the studio for a scoop or two. My mom usually bakes a cake and some of the ladies in the studio bring some brownies. It is an opportunity to get together and hang out for a bit which really does not get to happen all that often.

So come by the studio (1218-C N. Western Ave.) on Sunday, October 26, between 2:00 and 5:00. Have some ice cream. Relax.

We are in the process of building a mobile glass studio and are planning on giving it a test run on Sunday too. So there may be something new and exciting to see on the glass front.  

Also be sure to mark your calendars for our Annual Holiday Home Show. We hold our home show every year in conjunction with my Aunt Pat at With Joy Nativities. The Home Show is December 5, 6, and 7. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Working on a new color design last night. I am really liking the way these turned out.

Gather and color drop. Gather and drop a bit of white, not too much. Must be below halfway point too. Melt it in and shape. Melt down some stringer and touch on and pull off on the white.
Melt that in, shape and gather over for the vase. Watch the stretch. Transfer and open the vase.

We have black with white and red

and red with white and red

Hopefully more to come.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Iris Blue Shard Vase

Last night I picked up some #44 Iris Blue shards and made a little vase to check color. 
Pick up a bar of color on a clean blowpipe so no clear is on the bubble. Blow it out fairly thin. Break up the bubble into shards. 
I got two gathers of clear and about four dips into white (61) powder. Third gather I picked up the shards. After the transfer and shape I turned up the gas on the glory hole to get the #44 to reduce. It made for a nice gleam. The shards did pick up some small bubbles and inclusions but it is pretty nifty. 
 Here are the shards on the gather after melting them in and getting a little shape on the gather.

Monday, April 14, 2014


We have been making some memorial urns for folks. I had a family in a couple of weeks ago and they picked out some colors and a basic shape for an urn for the family dog. It was nice to be able to create something like this for them.
It has a white base color with Cobalt Blue and Light Blue. On top of that there are some dichroic flakes adding a shimmer. The urn has a lid with the same colors too.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tulip Paperweight

We made a tulip paperweight for an award the other day. This is the third one and it looks like it is coming out correctly now.
First gather and small yellow spots are torched on for the stamen.
Second gather and drop three purple petals.
then three more (it needs a strip gather in between)
Gather on top and jack and knock off.